Sustainable couture. 

By Frida EM

By Frida EM is sustainable couture made from local waste products. From the outset, by Frida EM’s seductive and bold signature style offers a visionary way of combining avantgarde fashion with a clear conscience. 

The modular design allows and encourages the adjustment and combination of garments and accessories to redesign and create new pieces. With sensual creations radiating power and energy the Scandinavian sustainable couture brand empowers people to be confident and to love themselves.

The vision

By Frida EM is shaping tomorrow’s sustainable fashion and world through design made by local waste products and innovations.

The world has to think and act sustainably. Recycle, reuse and reincarnate waste products and materials resulting in less production and less resources and virgin materials used.

The design and the vision behind By Frida EM is all about making something out of nothing. By using waste products in the creation of edgy high-end couture we give them a new life and purpose to embrace and empower us.

Collaborating with local business and entrepreneurs we also improve the local area financially, environmentally, socially and culturally. The work of By Frida EM is a powerful change of attitude towards sustainable development through design.

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